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FX Camp plans for Covid restrictions

The following links take you to our plans for holding camp this year.  We have tried to cover all the major changes we have had to make to to comply with requirements for holding a residential camp. 

General Camp Organization

Social Distancing and Mask Wearing

Check in Check out

Meal Service

Chapel Service

Snack Shack

Covid Symptom Screening

We do reserve the right to make changes during camp if we deem necessary.

June 28, 2020

FX Camp Parents/Grandparents/Guardians,

Camp starts (for High School) two weeks from today!  We can’t wait!  As part of our requirements for being open this year we need ALL CAMPERS (KIDS AND ADULTS) to be prescreening for 10 days before camp.  Attached to this email is a form that must be completed and brought with you to camp. If you have several in your family that you are tracking feel free to keep the information together on one sheet. Got a late start?  Alternatively, you may get a COVID test and bring the negative results (within 5 days of camp) with you.

A couple of updates/clarifications:

  • Masks.  Although masks will need to be worn at times when there is potential for exposure including moving between activities, to/from meals, workshops, etc. We are making every effort to plan our activities to minimize the use of masks by increasing social distancing between cohorts. 

  • All campers will be housed in Clark Dorm, which has hotel-style rooms with en suite bathrooms.

  • We know many families are traveling over the July 4th holiday.  We ask that you keep in mind that camp is coming and be aware and make efforts to have kids maintain social distancing so they are not exposed and have to miss camp.

  • Because camp is less than 72 hours this year, we are not required to collect immunization information this year!

There will be more information coming over the next week or two. Our goal is to make the information available to attendees and guardians in order to help navigate the decision and ease concerns.  Detailed information will be posted on as it becomes available. 

 If you have specific questions, please email us at and allow us up to 24 hours to get back to you.

We still have openings for camp and people can be added through JUNE 28th!


Karen Burgi, Camp Committee Chair

June 21, 2020

FX Camp 2020!

 Thanks to everyone for all of your patience as we worked through the regulations related to COVID 19 and came up with a workable plan for camp. There are a lot of changes and items to consider before attending camp – please review this email carefully if you are considering or planning to send people to camp.  REIGSTRATION/CANCELLATION DEADLINE IS JUNE 28th!

  • Senior High Camp – Will run from Sunday, July 12th to Wednesday July 15th with a maximum of 40 campers.  Everyone currently on the waitlist will be moved into camp and we still have room for a few more. Cost is $250/camper.

  • Middle School Camp – Will run from Wednesday, July 15th to Saturday, July 18th with a maximum of 40 campers. Cost is $250/camper.

  • Junior Camp – After much discussion and prayer, we decided to cancel Junior Camp for this year.  We know that this will be a huge disappointment to our campers, but we felt that the restrictions would be difficult to enforce with this age group and it would detract too much from the camp experience.  If you child is going into 6th grade and has the maturity to handle the restrictions, we are allowing them to register for Middle School Camp.

  • Registration is open until June 28th!  Because of our requirement for pre-camp monitoring we will not be able to take registrations after that date.

  • Cancellations.  We understand that you may feel after reading this information you need to withdraw your child.  You can withdraw without penalty until June 28th.  After June 28th, the deposit ($30) will not be returnable, expect for cases of illness.

  • Please be patient as we sort out CampDocs and get everyone with the correct fee and cancellations made.

 We have all been anxiously awaiting word from CDPHE and the Governor's office regarding whether or not camp could continue as planned despite the COVID pandemic. On June 19, 2020, guidelines were released to allow us to host camp with several modifications: 

 Things you should know as you think about sending kids to camp

Risk versus Benefit: There is always risk associated with sending your loved ones to camp, and this year is no exception. It is important to note that campers, staff, and counselors from various geographical locations will be attending camp and within close proximity to one another. This is a scenario that presents higher risk of transmission, per CDPHE and CDC guidelines. With this in mind, we are planning to implement the following (more to come later):

  • Before Camp

    • Recommend a 14-day quarantine prior to camp start, especially not flying the 14 days prior to camp.

    • Monitor your kids health for the 14 days before camp and DO NOT send your child to camp if they are sick or have COVID 19 related symptoms. 

    • Those who are in a high-risk demographic for the illness, or those who have been or will be in close contact with a high-risk demographic before and after camp, are asked to consider risk vs benefit of attending camp. High-risk demographic includes those who have pre-existing respiratory conditions (such as asthma), diabetes, liver or kidney disease, and anyone immunocompromised.

    • Talk to your child about the restrictions and make sure they are willing to abide by them.

  • At Camp

    • Cabin groups (5 kids) and cohorts (10 kids) will be assigned by camp directors based on available infection rates in geographical areas.

    • Cabin groups and cohorts may not mingle with other cabin groups, cohorts, or individuals unless allowed to do so by camp directors. This rule must be in effect during all activities, including meals, games, and free time. 

    • Masks will need to be worn at all times when there is potential for exposure including moving between activities, to/from meals, workshops, etc. Masks will not be worn when cabin groups are in assigned rooms where their belongings are. Though camp directors will actively try to minimize potential risk in cabin group assignments, it is important to note that wearing a mask while sleeping is not considered safe or recommended. This prolonged time without masks is another high-risk factor to consider. 

    • Masks will be provided to all attendees upon arrival, though feel free to bring your own.

    • All attendees will need to have daily temperature checks and symptom reporting during camp.

    • There will be no visitors or unregistered persons allowed in main camp buildings prior to, or during, camp. This is to maintain the cleanliness of the facilities for use. 

  • After Camp – We recommend that you quarantine and monitor kids for the two weeks after camp and let us know if you have a child that gets ill.

There will be more information coming over the next several weeks with details on planned changes and expectations. Our goal is to make the information available to attendees and guardians in order to help navigate the decision and ease concerns. You can expect to see detailed information on: check-in and out process, meal service, cleaning schedules, hand (and personal) hygiene, social distancing, respiratory etiquette, protocols for responding to illness, procedure if COVID is suspected, and camp closure (if necessary). You can also expect frequent, broad updates on the health status of attendees during camp for peace of mind. 

 With the above in mind, we ask that you prayerfully consider attendance at camp this year and either confirm or cancel registration by June 28th. Please know that our desire is to not compromise the fun and the message of camp with COVID restrictions, but must comply with the guidance provided in order to have camp on Quaker Ridge grounds. 

 If you have specific questions, please email us at and allow us up to 24 hours to get back to you.

Karen Burgi, Camp Committee Chair

June 3, 2020 – Fx Camp Update


We wanted to let everyone know about planned changes to Fx Camps 2020.  Please understand that these plans are based on our current understanding of likely changes to restrictions related to COVID-19 and are subject to change. Additional information and details will be coming mid-June.


Change in Dates: We are going to move to 3 day camps with Senior High Camp July 12 – 15 (Sunday – Wednesday) and Middle and Junior Camp July 15 – 18 (Wednesday – Saturday).  We will also be limiting attendance to 30 kids per age group. The cost for camp will be $250 per child.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer our first time camper discount this year.


Time to Register!  Registration is open.  Registration will be fully refundable if we do not have camp or up to June 28th if you are not comfortable with our COVID-specific health plans.  Registration will end June 28th.  We will not be able to accommodate late registrations this year.  Note that the registration website has not been updated to reflect the new dates, cost, or COVID-specific health information and/or requirements. Updates will be posted in the next couple of weeks.  

Scholarships Available! We know that finances may be tighter this year for some people. Contact your church or email for more information on scholarships. 

Counselors Needed!  If you loved camp as a kid and want to share God’s love and the camp experience with the next generation, considering joining us.  Click here for more information on counseling.

Sincerely, Karen Burgi on behalf of FX Camp Committee

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