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Friends Beliefs


Friends beliefs are grounded in the essentials of Christianity as found in the gospel of Jesus Christ and the New Testament writers. Foundational truths rest in the Fatherhood of God, the deity and humanity of Jesus the Son, the ministry of the Holy Spirit, the atonement of Jesus Christ which reconciles humankind to God, the resurrection of Jesus Christ which assures faithful believers of eternal life after physical death, Jesus Christ, the High Priest, who provides the believer direct access to the Father because of His death and resurrection, and the individual priesthood of believers who may boldly approach the throne of grace with confidence to receive mercy and help in time of need (Hebrews 4:16).


While Friends do not stress a formal written creed, they do state the primary principles of their faith in order to make their doctrinal position clear. The statement of faith of Friends may be summarized as follows:


  • The Bible is the inspired rule of faith and subject to the Holy Spirit’s interpretation.

  • God is sovereign.

  • Jesus Christ provided the atoning sacrifice for the sin of humankind through His death and resurrection.

  • The Holy Spirit leads men and women in the experience of salvation.

  • Humanity is sinful but redeemable.

  • Salvation encompasses the works of both forgiveness and sanctification.

  • The Church is the physical expression of the Kingdom of God on earth under the Headship of Jesus Christ. The fulfillment of the Church will be realized in the final resurrection and final judgment of humankind.

  • Communion with God and baptism into the death and resurrection of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit are spiritual realities that go beyond outward sacramental expressions.

  • Christian witness is given through word and deed.


For more information, visit the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting website,


There are several different branches of Friends or Quakers with differing beliefs.  We are a part of Evangelical Friends Church International.  Evangelical Friends Church International [EFCI] churches have forms of worship similar to other Protestant denominations. However, our focus remains an individual, personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.”  For more information, visit


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