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Quaker Ridge Camp and the FX team are partnering again with Camp Docs for online registrations. Camp 

Docs offers online registration and an electronic health record system for camp. Their system helps us 

consolidate and integrate camper registration and health information into a centralized and secure 



The security, confidentiality and privacy of your camper’s personal health and payment information will 

always be protected. Only Quaker Ridge medical staff and the FX directing team will have access to  

camper health information. The Camp Doc site is secure, encrypted and password protected.


Click on the button on this website to access Camp Docs and register your camper and pay your $30.00

deposit or account balance online.  You can pay your balance in installments if you wish. You will then receive 

additional information about how to complete your camper’s health profile. You will receive periodic 

notifications from Camp Docs if you have any outstanding balances, missing registration or health 

information or with updates about camp.


If you signed up through Camp Docs last year, your registration information is still in the system. If you 

forgot your password, there is a button on Camp Docs where you can reset your password.


Quaker Ridge Camp, the FX team and the Rocky Mountain Yearly Meeting Camp Committee are excited  

to have electronic registration and to be partnered with a company as reputable as Camp Docs. This  

partnership is dedicated to providing your family with a safer and more productive, more efficient  

system to create the best experience at camp.

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